Fun Every Day slogan: "Success is only half of it. Having Fun is the other half."
Paul Delorey at a meeting again
Paul Delorey with a group of people
Paul Delorey at a meeting
Paul Delorey dressed up as Batman with co-worker again
Paul Delorey dressed up as Batman with co-worker
Paul Delorey wearing a hat
Paul Delorey dressed up as Batman with co-worker
Paul Delorey dressed up as Santa Claus with co-workers
Paul Delorey wearing a JanSport sweater

F.E.D. Consulting (Fun Every Day)

Paul Delorey wearing a graduation hat

F.E.D (Fun Every Day) Consulting founded in 2002, is headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida. Its founder and COF (Chief of Fun) is Paul Delorey. Paul’s career in business spans thirty years. He has worked in large corporate environments and small closely held firms. From 1988 to 2002 Paul was President of JanSport Inc. a VF company. During that time JanSport grew nearly twenty fold and became the largest backpack brand in the world. Today the brand is the mostly widely recognized by teenagers.

Paul helped build JanSport with a simply philosophy, He believed passionately in people and empowered them to do what was right for the company. Paul always approached his work with a sense of fun. He believed if people looked forward to coming to work, knew what was expected of them and always made them feel appreciated good things would happen. They did!

During Paul’s tenure as President, JanSport dominated its competitors and reached profit levels most companies would envy.

Today Paul is a motivational speaker and business consultant. Paul will show your organization how to work better as a team and harness the power of fun and imagination in your work. Anything is possible if you understand where you want to go. Getting there is just a matter of everyone pulling the rope in the same direction.

Since 2002 Paul has shared his approach to business with many companies. The ones who used his formula have seen great success.